About Us

Thank you for your interest in Mesa Electronics products.  Mesa Electronics has been serving the embedded PC market since 1986 and is located in the City of El Sobrante of the State of California.  Mesa Electronics is dedicated to the highest quality, excellence in performance, and the high availability of technical support.  Orders can also be accepted by email, telephone or by mail.  View the store "Information" section and select Domestic or International for your nearest Dealer.

We look forward to serving you, if you require any additional assistance please feel free to contact us.
Telephone (510) 223-9272

www.mesanet.com,  Webstore: store.mesanet.com
Sales: sales@mesanet.com, Technical: tech@mesanet.com, purchasing@mesanet.com, Finance: accounting@mesanet.com

To place your schedule quantity dated orders or lead time orders contact:  sales@mesanet.com
To place your small credit card orders go to:  http://store.mesanet.com