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DELIVERY DATES - Currently we have a moderate store order backlogs, if boards are in stock they may take under a week before a shipment is released. For this reason we suggest that you do not choose a fast delivery method unless absolutely required. We are working to bring this time down. If the products are not in stock, the standard estimated lead time is 15 weeks or sooner, and is subject to change due to the availability of components parts and the assembly lead time.  To better guarantee lead times, the seller may accepts Blanket Schedule dated orders that can include scheduled ship date and quantities with ship release dates per month, requirements for only up to a year, we estimate the lead time for the first initial build at least 15 weeks or sooner and the rest will follow to ship the balance or to ship per schedule date, depending on the type of board.  Orders may require an NCNR Non-Cancelable and Non-Returnable signed agreement between the seller and the buyer, all custom designed boards require an NCNR.   The delivery date provided is the seller's best estimated lead time of which product would be shipped from our factory.  All product pricing, shipping fees and services available are subject to change without notice.  During the Covid19 pandemic we are currently working in shifts, and their may delays on components to build, testing and shipping.

ROHS COMPLIANCE - All RoHS compliant versions of the Mesa's products will have RoHS indicated in the part number.  If the RoHS part is not indicated, the product contains lead or other proscribed materials.  For European Union Countries, if a Non-RoHS part can be accepted please contact us for the document NRCSC (Non-RoHS Compliant Product Shipment Contract), that is required prior to your shipment.


For In-House Direct Orders, NCNR orders, large orders, Scheduled dated release orders, Custom designed product orders the buyer is to specify method of shipment and desired dock date, and may require insurance with the usage of the buyer's freight account, unless the seller is instructed not to add insurance, the  buyer is required to sign a release form of responsibility for the safe arrival of product, a signature is required by the seller for product shipment release.  Insurance and a signature is required and applies for all customer boards only.    If the buyer prefers to ship freight collect with their freight account you may provide your account number for only;  Direct In-House large orders, schedule dated orders, OEM orders, and NCNR  orders.

On-Line Webstore orders may use their own freight account for orders only over $1,000.   Buyer's requirements may enter their, Tax ID number, freight account number for only orders over $1,000., Dealers orders, request a COC Conformance of Certificate of Compliance document, by entering  your requests in the "Customer Comment" field of your store order, allow less then three to four days to process.  The Seller insures all shipments and may require a signature for a shipment release.  The seller's  has the right to a change to a different freight carrier from the original buyer's selection depends on the total invoice value, faster service, weather condition, suspension of serviced areas.

Be aware that all freight companies the seller's contracts with provides an estimated delivery date, if the shipment is late a credit does not apply unless the buyer pays for an overnight shipment which the seller will dispute with the freight company for a credit if approved will apply.  If the shipment has been lost by the freight company there is a waiting period of six weeks or sooner, the package may be well on the way to the buyer or may be returned to the seller.   Freight credits do not apply if the shipment has been returned due to an undeliverable shipping  address, the buyer will only receive credit for taxes and products only.   The seller usage of available freight carriers are with: USPS, UPS, Federal Express, DHL International only.