Delivery Information

DELIVERY DATES - Currently we have a moderate store order backlog so even in stock items may take 2-5 days for delivery. For this reason we suggest you do not choose a fast delivery method unless absolutely required. We are working to bring this time down. If the products are not in stock, the standard estimated lead time, upon receipt of order is six to eight weeks.  To better guarantee lead times, Mesa can accept Blanket P.O's that include scheduled quantities to ship per month for a up to a year,  Blanket P.O.'s qualify for quantity discounts on the total order quantity.  Lead times are subject to change due to the availability of parts.  The delivery date provided is our best estimated time of which product would be shipped from our factory.

ROHS COMPLIANCE - All RoHS compliant versions of the Mesa's products will have RoHS indicated in the part number.  If the RoHS part is not indicated, the product contains lead or other proscribed materials.  For European Union Countries, if a Non-RoHS part can be accepted please contact us for the document NRCSC (Non-RoHS Compliant Product Shipment Contract), that is required prior to your shipment.

SHIPPING & INSURANCE - Please specify method of shipment and desired dock date.  The following carriers are available: USPS, Federal Express and UPS.  If you prefer to ship collect on your account, please provide your account number in the or the "Customer Comment" field of your store order and request that your store order be adjusted.  Insurance will be added to the shipment, unless we are instructed not to add insurance charges. In this case we are not responsible for safe arrival of the product.