• 4I27 2 axis servo motor controller card (PWM), Socketed LM629 chips are not lead free

The 4I27 is a low cost, LM629 based 2 axis DC servo motor control system implemented on a stackable PC/104 bus card. The 4I27 is designed for high performance positioning systems using DC servo motors with quadrature shaft encoders. The per axis output of the 4I27 is an 8 bit sign-magnitude PWM signal that can drive H-bridge type servo amplifiers directly.  Quadrature encoder and index inputs are conditioned with RC filters and Schmitt triggers for noise immunity.  RC filter time constants can be changed by replacing a plug-in resistor network.  Control signals for each axis include 3 auxiliary I/O bits.  These I/O bits are used for over-temperature shutdown detect and H-bridge enable when the 4I27 is used with the 7I25 or 7I27 H-bridge drivers.  Eight general purpose I/O bits are available for any application use.  The LM629's used on the 4I27 are high performance digital processors specifically designed for motion control.  The LM629 can execute a ramp-up, slew, and ramp-down motion sequence without host processor intervention.  Host interrupts can be generated at end of motion, position breakpoints, index pulse, or in response to various error conditions.  Interrupts are or'ed on the 4I27 card, so that only one system interrupt is used.  The IRQ line used can be software selected from any of the 11 available AT bus interrupts.  A digital PID filter is used to set loop feedback parameters for stability and optimum performance. Velocity, target position and filter parameters may be changed during motion.  The clock speed of the LM629's can be lowered to accommodate large motors that require lower PWM chopping frequencies.  Demonstration software includes examples of 2 axis position mode operation, velocity mode operation, and a simple filter tuning program that allows dynamic filter coefficient modification while providing a graphic display of the servo system step response.  Source code is provided for all demonstration software.

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4I27 2 axis servo motor controller card (PWM), Socketed LM629 chips are not lead free

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