• 4I36-1 8 channel quadrature counter card

The 4I36 is a stackable PC/104 card with eight 32 bit up/down counters with quadrature count inputs and per channel index inputs.  The 4I36 is intended for robotic, motor control, measurement, and instrumentation applications.  The 4I36 has selectable TTL or RS-422 levels on its quadrature and index inputs.  TTL or RS-422 operation is jumper selectable in groups of two channels.  The TTL inputs have pullup resistors and RC / Schmitt filtering.  The differential RS-422 inputs are suited for longer cable lengths and have optional termination.  24 general purpose I/O bits capable of sinking 24 mA are provided control applications.  The encoder connectors are compatible with the 4I30, and the I/O connector is compatible standard I/O module racks.  The 4I36 counters can count in normal quadrature mode (4X) or up/down mode.  Digital filtering is used on encoder inputs to reject input noise.  The 4I36 counters may cleared individually, or all counters may be cleared simultaneously.  Each counter has a option to be cleared by either the rising or falling edge of the index signal.  Maximum count rate of the 4I36 with TTL inputs is 4 million counts per second.  Maximum count rate with RS-422 inputs is 10 million counts per second.  Count range is -2,147,483,648 to +2,147,483,647 or 0 to 4,294,967,295.  Any counter may be configured to provide a timing reference for velocity calculations instead of quadrature input.  This timing reference is a 32 bit up counter running at 48 MHz +- .01%.  The 4I36 is a 16 bit card and uses an index register to access the many registers on the chip, the index register has an auto-increment function that allows all 8 of the 32 bit counters to be read in only 17 16 bit I/O read instructions. The 4I36 uses a FPGA chip for all counting and I/O so can be easily upgraded or modified in the field for specific requirements.  The FPGA configuration flash memory can be updated from the host, no special cable or adapters are required.

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4I36-1 8 channel quadrature counter card

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