• 7I32  Dual  1/2 to 3A stepper driver

The 7I32 is a 3A, 36V 2 channel current feedback microstep (up to 256 uSteps/ step) capable stepper motor driver for the Anything I/O series of FPGA based I/O cards.  They use high efficiency synchronous rectifying drivers, eliminating the need for heat sinks.  They connect to the motion controller card with a 50 conductor flat cable and have AMP Mini Mate-N-Lock connectors for step motor drive and encoder/index connections. Input RC filters and Schmitt triggers are provided for encoder and index signals.  The 7I32 is available with 50 pin male header for use with flat cable connection to 4I34, 4I65, 4I68, 5I20, 7I60 or a 50 pin female header on the reverse side for use as a 7I60 daughter card.

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7I32 Dual 1/2 to 3A stepper driver

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