• 4I32B quad serial card

The 4I32 is a high performance, four channel asynchronous serial port on a stackable PC/104 bus card.  The 4I32 is available in three versions: quad RS-232, quad RS-422/485, and a model with two RS-232 and two RS-422/485 channels.  The 4I32 is similar to the 4I23 but uses enhanced 16C550 compatible FIFO'ed UART's with many added features. The 4I32s UARTs have 128 byte receive and transmit FIFOs for lower interrupt overhead or to support higher baud rates.  Baud rates up to 921.6K baud are supported with RS-422 or RS-485, and up to 230.4K baud with RS-232.  The new UARTS also support automatic hardware or software flow control.  Automatic direction control is provided for half duplex RS-485 type applications.  Each of the four serial ports on the 4I32 can use any of the 11 available AT bus interrupts.  The 4I32 also has an shared interrupt capability.  The four serial port interrupts can be logically or'ed to a common interrupt.  The or'ed interrupts are individually maskable.  Jumper selectable RS-422 termination is provided on card.  The 4I32 can be operated in full duplex or half duplex RS-485 mode.  Both RS-232 and RS-422/485 interface chips have 15KV ESD protection to prevent static damage.  Serial port connections are terminated in a 40 pin latching header.  The pinout is designed so that a flat cable from the 4I32 can easily be terminated with four IDC DB9 type connectors giving the standard AT serial port pinout.  Serial port addresses are set with a PAL device and can be customized if needed.  Eight different sets of port locations can be selected by option jumpers.  The 4I32 requires only +5V for operation, as all RS-232 power is generated on card.

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4I32B quad serial card

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