• 4I29E NE2000 compatible Ethernet card

The 4I29 is a 16 bit Ethernet interface implemented on a stackable PC/104 bus card.  The 4I29 supports 10BaseT (Twisted pair) and 10Base2 (Thin-BNC) Ethernet, plus has an AUI connector for connection to external transceivers.  The 4I29 can also be supplied with an external panel mount BNC tranceiver for applications where access to the 4I29 card is restricted (the 4I29-E). The 4I29 can be compatible with the NE2000 or WD8013EBT depending on EEPROM set-up options.  Most 4I29 options are settable via a provided setup utility, there are only two option jumpers (8/16 bit bus select and 10Base2 termination). S etup options are stored in an on card EEPROM, so that the setup utility need only be run when changing hardware settings. Programmable options include emulation mode (NE2000 or WD8013EBT), I/O address, boot PROM enable, boot PROM location, boot PROM size, interrupt select, and 10BaseT / 10Base2 / AUI selection. Selectable interrupts are IRQ2, IRQ3, IRQ4, IRQ5, IRQ10, IRQ11, and IRQ12.  The 10Base2 DC-DC converter can be turned off to minimize power when idle, and is automatically disabled when the 4I29 is setup for twisted pair use.  The all CMOS design of the 4I29 plus efficient DC-DC converter keeps operating power below 2 watts.  Standard packet buffer is 16K bytes but a 64K byte buffer version is available if desired.  A 32 pin dip socket allows installation of 28 or 32 pin boot PROMs from network vendors. The 4I29 is capable of writing to the boot PROM, allowing use of a 5V flash boot PROM if desired.

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4I29E NE2000 compatible Ethernet card

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