• 4I22-10 timer/counter + parallel I/O card

The 4I22 is a stackable PC/104 card with nine, 16 bit counters and 24 digital I/O bits.  A 10 MHz and a 16 MHz models are available.  An on card 10 or 16 MHz trimmable crystal oscillator is provided as a time base.  The 82C54 counters on the 4I22 may be used for event counting, frequency counting, period measurement, frequency generation, pulse width modulators, digital one shots, interrupt timers and many other timing and counting uses.  Example programs and source code are provided to illustrate most of these 4I22 applications. Eight of the nine counters on the 4I22 have external clock, gate, and output connections.  Counter clock source of these counters can be the external input or the on card time base.  The ninth counter is used as a optional 10 or 16 MHz time base prescaler for the other eight counters.  Gate and output polarity can be jumper selected as active high or low.  24 general purpose I/O bits are provided by a 82C55 PIA.  Pullup resistors on the parallel I/O simplify connection to contact closure, Opto-detector, and open collector inputs.  Timer and digital I/O connectors are 50 pin headers with I/O module rack compatible pin-outs.  This connector pin-out has all input and output signals interleaved with grounds to reduce crosstalk.  The 4I22 is an 8 bit card, but uses the stack through 16 bit PC/104 card format to allow access to all of the AT bus interrupts.  Two of the counters on the 4I22 can generate interrupts.  The IRQ line selection is software programmable (no interrupt jumpers!)

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4I22-10 timer/counter + parallel I/O card

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