• ISIO-T-RM Low cost isolated I/O driven by printer port

The MESA ISIO is a low cost isolated I/O card that is driven from a standard printer port.  The ISIO has 4 relay or 4 transistor outputs and 8 opto-isolated inputs.  Relay outputs are rated at 2A, 24VDC or 1A, 120VAC.  Transistor outputs are rated at 1A, 48VDC.  Inputs are 10 to 48VDC.  All isolated I/O uses screw terminals.  Outputs are disabled at powerup until a specific 12 bit code is sent to the ISIO.  This prevents inadvertant output activation during power-up.  Up to 4 ISIO modules can share a single printer port.  ISIO outputs can be latched so that accessing other ISIO modules on a shared port does not effect the output state.  The ISIO uses a PC/104 compatible form factor but does not use the PC/104 bus.  Since it uses the parallel port, the ISIO can be located as far as 10 feet from the controlling CPU.

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ISIO-T-RM Low cost isolated I/O driven by printer port

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