• 7I60 FPGA based standalone Anything I/O card

The 7I60 is a standalone (no bus) version of the FPGA based Anything I/O card series.  It provides 96 I/O bits and 4 serial ports.  There are 2 RS-232 ports and 2 RS- 485 ports.  One of the RS-232 serial ports is used for downloading initial configurations to the on-card Flash EEPROM for FPGA configuration, the other ports can be used for any purpose.  The 96 I/O bits are available on four 50 pin connectors, 24 bits per connector.  The 50 pin connectors have I/O module rack compatible pinouts.  The connector pinout uses interleaved grounds for lower crosstalk and controlled impedance.  Socketed pull-up resistor networks (or optional termination networks) are provided for all I/O bits.  PwrGood, Done, Init and status LEDs are provided for debugging puposes as are 8 FPGA driven LEDs and a FPGA driven beeper.  Several I/O interface daughter cards are available for the 7I60.  These cards include a 4 axis 3A Hbridge, a 2 Axis 3A stepper motor driver, an analog servo amp. interface, an RS-422/485 interface, and a debug LED card.  2 daughter cards can plug directly onto the 7I60.  Many I/O configuration files are provided with the 7I60 including simple remote I/O, smart remote I/O, 4 and 8 axis servo motion control, 4 and 8 axis microstepping stepper motor control, multiple channel PWM generator, quadrature counters and more.  VHDL source is provided for all configurations.  2 FPGA system clocks are provided: a 50MHZ Crystal and a 25, 33, 50, 66, 80 MHz PLL.  The 7I60 uses a 200K gate Xilinx SpartanII FPGA.  Free development tools for The SpartanII are available (Xilinx WebPack) from Xilinx s web site.

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7I60 FPGA based standalone Anything I/O card

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