• CFADPTHD Dual Compact Flash to IDE adapter

The CFADPTHD adapter allow use of 2 Compact flash memory cards with any CPU with a 44 pin 2mm or 40 pin .1" IDE connector.  The CFADPTHD has 2 CF sockets, one connected as master and one connected as slave.  Master and slave can be swapped with a on card jumper.  The adapter has an activity light and a push button ejectors, making it suitable for panel mounting.  The CFADPTHD can get the CF power (5V at <100mA) from the 44 pin IDE connection or the on card auxilliary power connectors.  Both hard drive style and floppy style power connectors are supplied.

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CFADPTHD Dual Compact Flash to IDE adapter

  • US$50.00