• 7C80  RPI interfaced Step&dir plus I/O interface (Note: that the RPI5 is not supported yet)

The MESA 7C80 is motion oriented  FPGA motherboard host for a Raspberry Pi CPU. The 7C80 connects to the GPIO interface and uses SPI for FPGA communication. The 7C80 provides 5V power for the RPI via a built in switching regulator. The 7C80 has 6 channels of differential Step/dir outputs with step rates up to 10 MHz. 24 isolated inputs are  provided for general control use including limit switch, control panel inputs, and up to 4 MPGs. Inputs operate with 4V to 36V DC and  have 2 independent positive or negative commons for sourcing or sinking input applications. Eight 36V 2A isolated outputs allow sinking, sourcing, or combinations of both. Spindle control includes a high speed differential or single-ended encoder input  for spindle feedback and an isolated analog spindle interface with real time speed and direction control.  A  RS-422/RS-485 interface is provided for I/O expansion via a serial I/O daughtercards or general RS-422/RS-485 use.  In addition to the on card I/O, A FPGA expansion connector compatible with Mesa's 25 pin daughtercards or standard parallel port breakout boards allow almost unlimited I/O options including additional quadrature or absolute encoder inputs, step/dir or PWM/dir outputs, and field I/O expansion to hundreds of I/O points.  All field wiring is terminated in pluggable 3.5 mm screw terminal blocks. The 7C80 mounts in standard 107 mm DIN rail channels and is powered by 8 to 40V

Note that the RPI5 is not supported yet.

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7C80 RPI interfaced Step&dir plus I/O interface (Note: that the RPI5 is not supported yet)

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