• 6I68  3X2X 1X PCIE slot motherboard

The MESA 6I68 (shown here with 3X20 installed) is a simple motherboard for 3X2X series FPGA daughtercards that plugs into a standard one lane PCI-Express slot.  The 6I68 provides a base and simplified I/O connections for the 3X2X series daughtercards.  The 6I68 can be used for evaluation of 3X2X series cards or for final applications.  The 6I68 buffers all I/O pins with quickwitches for 5V tolerance on all I/O, and provides jumpers for setting the 3X2X's VIO levels and configuration options.  The 7I68 distributes the 3X2X's 144 I/O signals to six 50 pin .1" headers with standard Anything I/O pinouts.  All signal are routed as differential pairs, allowing high speed differential signaling if desired.

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6I68 3X2X 1X PCIE slot motherboard

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