• 7I66-8 Isolated remote digital input and power driver card

The 7I66-8 is a 8 output and 16 input remote isolated digital I/O card.  The 7I66-8 inputs sense positive inputs relative to a common field ground.  Input impedance is 22K Ohms and inputs can range from 5VDC to 32VDC.  All I/O pins have LED status indicators. Outputs are sourcing type drivers capable of driving 2.5 A loads.  The field I/O points are galvanically isolated from the communications link.  The 7I66-8 uses field power of 8VDC to 32VDC and sets its default input threshold to 50% of field power supply voltage with 10% hysteresis.  Inputs can be programmed to other thresholds and filtering can be added if desired.  In addition to the being able to read digital on/off status of each input, all input pin voltages are readable with 8 bit resolution.  The RS-422 interface at 2.5M Baud is compatible with HostMot2s SSLBP smart serial interface which can support as many as 32 7I66-8 cards with real time update rates up to 10 KHz and cable lengths up to 100 feet.  3.5 mm screw pluggable screw terminals are used for all isolated I/O.

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7I66-8 Isolated remote digital input and power driver card

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