• SoftDMC Digital Motion Control firmware for FPGA based I/O cards

The SoftDMC firmware converts any of our FPGA based I/O cards to a high performance DSP based motion control system.  The SoftDMC system supports up to 8 axis simultaneous motion.  Features include Position and Velocity control modes, trapezoidal motion profiles, cubic motion profiles,  32 bit position range, 32 bit acceleration and velocity parameters, high sample rates (>60 KHz for 4 axis, >30 KHz for 8), two quadrature encoder inputs per axis for dual feedback systems, 32 bit gearing, velocity, acceleration and friction feed forward terms in PID loop, breakpoint/event logic for flexible real time (within one sample period) handling of internal and external events (such as limit switches), efficient FIFOed host interface with multichannel command queueing, and much more.  SoftDMC supports Brush motors, 2 phase stepper motors in closed loop and open loop modes, and 3 phase AC and DC brushless motors in closed and open loop modes . The SoftDMC firmware is included free with all Mesa FPGA based cards and can be licensed for a nominal charge for non-Mesa cards and embedded FPGA designs.  SoftDMC is an ideal replacement for LM629 and other ASIC based motion controllers, assuring long term availability and ease of modification due to its open FPGA based design.

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SoftDMC Digital Motion Control firmware for FPGA based I/O cards

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